King of Cups – a person in love? With that said, i usually think about the King of Cups as somebody in love and never afraid to exhibit it but additionally in charge.

King of Cups – a person in love? With that said, i usually think about the King of Cups as somebody in love and never afraid to exhibit it but additionally in charge.

Hi BE – i have simply gone to Drak’s web page and heard of card. I believe he goes well using the deck title!

i am unsure the Harmonious master is!

I am using my Anna K tarot at the moment and that master sits alone searching pleased and cozy, reading in-front of a fire.

It will be interesting to see what other people think.

Perhaps not yes we follow you, rushka. They can be every other master?

The Gilded Tarot shows the master as you who sits inside the throne and keeps their legs scarcely along with the water. He’s got control that is complete of feelings and keeps them in balance. and shows this to anybody.

Nevertheless, he stares during the glass he holds with an appearance of. regret. desire. He could be in charge of their thoughts. but he is apparently something that is lacking. He appears very nearly bored and complacent.

I usually look at King of Cups as somebody who should indeed be in love. but that is mature, strong love. Not merely a fling, rather than without it’s base. He “knows” this might be the partnership he could be searching for. Or it might express somebody already in a relationship (he shares my indication and I also resonate highly I bother about their complacent glance at their glass. with him, and that’s why)

The King of Cups has arrived up within my readings to demonstrate the person’s intent, that he is in love, he is more comfortable with it, has their feelings and it’s really their choice, he is maybe not some helpless person together with his feelings away from control, perhaps not a servant to love, but it is master. Possibly has made a choice that is conscious love, to guard, cherish and honor that love too, he understands and wields the effectiveness of love.

I might additionally genuinely believe that he knows he is loved, respected and held in high esteem that he is aware or feels he is the King, the top of the heap.

Studying the website link, this card looks like he shares those exact same emotions, supporting his glass, as a declaration to your World, poised to make the step that is next. We’d state he is a guy in love and never afraid to exhibit it or opt for it.

Certainly the King/Cups is a person in love. However the thing you need to keep in mind in regards to the King when compared with the Knight/Cups is the fact that he is not in love like a teen swooning over his very first gf.

King/Cups is love that is”in with one thing much bigger. Their family members. His buddies. Their kingdom. Their range is far wider and more mature with regards to love. So, yes, he nevertheless loves and adores their queen, but she is maybe not the only person. He really loves all he is built, and created, and fostered. All their sons and daughters, perhaps the prodigal people, all their family members and buddies, perhaps the foolish and ones that are problematic. Most of his land and home and company, that he attempts to make religious and good.

Needless to say the King/Cups is in love. Which is their best energy and their best weakness, with it all, and is too forgiving of its failings, and when he can’t be, when he must acknowledge them, they break his heart that he is in love.

I do not think saying the King of Cups has their emotions in check means he hides them. I believe it indicates he just expresses them in a controlled means. In place of yelling through the rooftops, he’ll whisper sweet nothings, for example. Or in place of getting on a single leg in a mall that is busy pleading “please, please PLEASE PLEASE marry me”, he will make a personal intimate supper for 2 by candlelight to propose wedding. Rather than french kissing and groping you within the movie theatre, he will wait till you are in today’s world for all that and simply hold your hand and perhaps offer you a discreet kiss in the cheek within the movie theater. As opposed to giving umpteen dozen roses to your working environment, he will pick some wildflowers and present them to you when you are picked by him up for a night out together.

The King of Wands does the stuff that is flamboyant the King of Cups is more subdued.

The King of Pentacles would steal a flower from somebody else’s bouquet and provide it for your requirements.

The King of Swords would tell you he just would definitely bring plants but let you know why it had been unneeded to achieve that. (could not think of a much better instance when it comes to King of Swords at this time. )

Of all of the Kings, the King of Swords will be the one with all the concealed feelings, in my estimation.

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